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To put it simply, language completes the circle for any brand. Of course, the way you look, act and the products and services you deliver play a major part. But the words complete the picture. Great brands have an unmistakable way with words – close your eyes and get someone to read what a great company writes out loud and you can name that brand. You know it, just by the style.

Tone of voice is about creating the written personality of brands (and the spoken personality). It is about creating a level of consistency that everyone involved can understand and use. That’s why, for us, tone is a deeply practical activity. We describe it as giving you the language of language, a tool that everyone can use to make your business sound distinctive.

So what does tone deliver?

Customer loyalty
Time and again, research shows that customers don’t always remember what you said to them – but they remember how you said it. If you speak and write to them consistently with warmth and empathy, they will feel that you are on their side. Tone allows you to bring your brand promise to life. At every single touchpoint and contact, you are able to affirm what you stand for and reinforce each customer’s decision to buy your product or service.

If you can get control of the words, then you can get your personality across consistently – on the web, social media, in your marketing collateral, even your emails – anywhere you find the written or spoken word. Consistency leads to greater recognition from customers. Imagine your brand as a person. Imagine that person speaking with different voices, accents, approaches and styles. Not a very appetising prospect, is it?

With agencies and commissioners all singing from the same hymn sheet, getting work done is so much easier. It won’t necessarily always be right first time, but it will mean that it’s closer to the brief each time – revisions decrease, harmony prevails. Everyone’s happy.

We make no apologies for finding language interesting – fascinating even. Tone of voice projects inspire people. They move language centre-stage inside your business. They improve skills and knowledge inside the business and make yours a more literate place to work.

How can tone of voice be applied?

The simple answer is you can apply tone of voice anywhere! Here are some examples of ways we have implemented tone of voice for our clients;

  • Advertising
  • Other materials – including:
    • Brochures
    • Application forms
    • Terms and conditions
    • Letters
    • Social Media
    • Web copy
    • Call centre scripts
    • On-pack copy
    • Signage
    • Point of sale leaflets
    • Information leaflets
    • ATM receipts
  • Brand guardianship, including brand auditing.

How we can help
Fred specialises in developing and implementing a brand tone for clients. Drop us a line or give us a call to see how we can help you.