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Having founded Fred, I know how hard (and equally rewarding!) it is to start a business with nothing but enthusiasm and a laptop. With this in mind, Fred provides marketing consultancy to companies who may be just setting up and require marketing or business support; established companies in the UAE who need help growing their business or have problems to solve; or companies looking to expand into the UAE.

‘How to effectively market your business’ offers a little insight on how Fred can help you and make your business a success.

You need to be willing to spend money, in order to make money
This sounds logical, right? But the reality is that while most people are experts in their business field and they realise that they need marketing, they know little about it. This can result in spending money in the wrong way, with little to zero strategy for how the money is spent. Marketing should be exactly like any other investment, with a well thought through plan – knowing where you are investing your money with your business, what the strategy is and what’s working. If you can get this right, then you can be more effective with your time and budget, creating well thought out, successful campaigns.

My mate knows a mate.
I think we all have a mate, that knows a mate, who dabbles in a bit of graphic design. And whilst I have nothing against night owls churning design projects out from their bedroom. Everything that represents your business is so important and should be connected to a larger strategy. This means that your business card, brochure, leaflets, website and even your office should all be cohesively branded and strategically aligned. Not investing properly in your business can lead to a quick solution that ends up costing more time and money in the long term, rather than going to professionals in the first place that take the time to understand your business needs.

Momentum is everything.
As a business owner, sometimes we have a tendency to want to get everything in place before we make our next move (I’m certainly guilty of that!), but often this can in fact put a stop on moving your business forward and seizing new business opportunities. I love the phrase ‘activity breeds productivity’. This is absolutely true. Don’t wait around for something to happen – make a plan, get moving and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Priorities, priorities!
This one’s tricky. Especially for a start-up or SME where budget and time can be tight. I get it, I’ve been there. But neglecting to keep your marketing efforts consistent creates a ‘feast or famine’ scenario. When we’re busy with our clients, we have little concern about maintaining a pipeline of new business. But having a pipeline of potential clients is singularly the most important element of your business. Priority should be given to your marketing at all times to keep your business healthy and on track.

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