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Most creative agencies have the ability to create brands, marketing collateral and set advertising campaigns in motion. But which one will work best for your company? The following checklist outlines some considerations that will assist you in selecting an agency that works best for you.

Location, Location, Location
With most communication done over email, it matters less these days whether your agency is 10 minutes down the road or half way across the world, but it does make a difference if you prefer face to face meetings. If you can meet the people you deal with at the start of the relationship, it helps bond you together; however this all depends on the connection you make and whether you feel connected with each other. We have some excellent relationships with clients that we haven’t met in person, but it doesn’t matter as we have a strong understanding of their business.

Good things come in small packages
Large agencies will sell themselves with a myriad of success stories and a large employee pool to draw from, however each client needs to feel that they are the center of attention and that they’re as important as any other client despite a large budget or not. Smaller agencies are good at taking their time to get to know their clients and can make even the smallest of clients feel important.

The cost factor
How much money is your company looking to spend? Many of the services that agencies perform vary in price – agencies will normally bill you for hours carried out working on your project, so try to be as clear about your objectives as possible from the start. I always ask my clients to write out a brief at the beginning of each project to ensure key messages, target market and objectives are clearly understood which saves on time and of course money.

Think long term
At Fred, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients’ team, which ensures a great relationship and that our creative approach works with the creative direction of our clients’. Twoing and froing between agencies costs time and money, so opting for the cheapest agency will not necessarily be the best solution in meeting your business objectives. If you make the right decision at the start, you shouldn’t need to make changes.

Ask to see the credentials and case studies of selected agencies to gauge their experience, the type of projects they have worked on and the industries they have worked with. Ensure that their experience matches your companies’ needs.

People matter
When talking to an agency, make sure they have your best interests in mind. For instance if you have a set budget, will they help reduce costs in places to ensure you stay on budget. Will they be willing to work hard to meet or finish a deadline? Consider the credentials of the people working within the agency or within the allocated team. And make sure you like these people as you’ll be working with them a lot as it’s crucial to the success of your collaboration.

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