Dubai, 15 September, Fred’s work with Madar Farms on their brand identity was awarded GOLD at last nights seventh annual Transform Awards MEA. Freds excellence in rebranding and brand development was recognised in a room brimming with industry specialists.

Established in 2009, the Transform Awards has evolved into a celebration of the indispensable talent that exists within the branding sphere. Covering the Middle East, North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, the Transform brand itself is truly global, with no other outlet as committed to providing such comprehensive coverage of the brand environment.

The implementation, positioning and creativity of the corporate brand is becoming an increasingly treasured business asset. The Transform Awards evaluate exemplary working brand development and acknowledge the growing significance of brand in strategic corporate communications developing and sustaining a strong brand is imperative for success.

The Transform Awards consistently set a stronger benchmark for work in brand development while reflecting the growing significance of brand in strategic corporate communications. The corporate brand and its implementation, positioning and creativity has become one of the most valuable assets a business owns.

The awards ceremony, hosted by Ali Al Sayed, was held at the V Hotel, Dubai.

Transform magazine was launched in April 2014 as a companion to the Transform awards program. The publication, which enjoys a global reach, is at the forefront of reporting on national and international agencies, companies and initiatives involved with both creative and strategic branding.

Andrew Thomas, the publisher of Transform magazine and founder of the Transform awards, says, This is the seventh year the Transform Awards has benchmarked the transformative power of brand strategy and design across Middle East and Africa. The Transform Awards has grown every year. But this year we saw phenomenal growth. This was without any doubt the toughest year to make the shortlist. The work we celebrate was sent in before Covid-19, which changed everything. We face a major recalibration of the way we relate to the brands, the businesses, the organisations that touch our lives. Those talents that drive the transformative power of brand strategy and design have never been more important.

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