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Everyone has heard the term “Content is King”. But while this may well be the case, many clients continue to focus on what they want their brochure or advert to look like, with very few taking into consideration the importance of good content. Over the years, I’ve often been left perplexed as to why copywriting is considered an afterthought over design. Both are equally as important; the design is incomplete without original and engaging content, and great design is essential in bringing content to life.

1. Create and maintain a professional image
Issues may occur when a company concentrates on their image without considering their content. Effective, original and engaging writing is as important as any other aspect of a company’s appearance, be it their brand or website. It should embody qualities of professionalism that reflect the ethos of the business. It shouldn’t be sloppy or rushed. Consider how you talk to customers and clients; if you’re impolite or waffle, you’re likely to lose a sale. The same applies to any written material you present to customers.

2. Think about your audience
Content must not only be professional and correct, it has to be appropriate too. Know your audience and talk to them in a way that they wish to be talked to. Content that does not actively engage the reader serves only as clutter.

3. Write with purpose
There should be a reason for every sentence, both for you and the reader. Your customer or client should gain value from all that you say, and that value should encourage interaction with your business. When writing to inform, everything you say should add information. When writing to sell, everything you say should encourage action.

4. Demonstrate value
Good copywriting demonstrates that you are worth doing business with. It should convince them, by the quality of your message, that you can be trusted to do this service. If you offer relevant information that a customer is looking for, but your writing is poor, while they may appreciate your solution, they may seek someone else or another company to fulfil it.

Overall, great content can have a significant positive effect on your bottom line. It not only puts a human face on your business, but can also garner customer loyalty.

Take our word for it!

“Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.” Jeffrey Zeldman

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